Plant Me! Instructions and Info for planting your paper

We can all create great impact by making small changes. Peace Love Planet is committed to promoting greater harmony with the earth and peace for ALL it's inhabitants. By utilizing environmentally friendly packaging like seeded paper we are able to greatly reduce our carbon footprint, and make the world a little more beautiful at the same time. 

Watch the flowers bloom
Our paper is embedded with tiny seeds that will easily grow in a pot or anywhere else you choose.  There are 15 different annual species are mixed in to the handmade lotka paper. The seeds include: Spurred Snapdragon, Foxglove, Showy Evening Primrose, Creeping Thyme and more. Each flower tolerates partial shade, need 4 hrs of direct sunlight and grow to about 3'. Paper should be covered with 1/8" of soil to cover and kept moist until established.
Thank you so much for joining us in the movement 
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Peace Love Planet