Challenge Accepted

Water cover 3 quarters of our planet and houses 80% of all life. Healthy oceans are essential for the survival of the life that it supports, including our own. Climate change and pollution are threatening this vast ecosystem. Together we can make a change. There are many great initiatives that you can participate in today to help protect our oceans for the future. We challenge you to join us in the movement! Take action today by committing to one of these fantastic campaigns.


I Choose to Reuse
An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash, much of it plastic, is dumped in the world's oceans every year. Ditch the disposables and reduce waste by choosing reusable products
Skip the Straw
Drinking straws pose a huge threat to sea turtles and other ocean life that mistake them for food. Keep them out of our oceans and away from these precious creatures
International Coastal Cleanup
In 2014, 648,015 volunteers collected 12,329,332 pounds of trash over 12,914 miles of beaches. Participate in this annual beach clean up
Take Back the Tap
Each day in the US more than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away, and many end up in our seas. Make the switch to tap water.
Need to start out a little smaller? Click here for some little things you can do that have a HUGE impact!